Резинки для фитнеса 5 шт. в Казановке

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Страна: Россия

Тара: мешочек для хранения в подарок

Масса: 5 шт.

Препарат из натуральных ингридиентов

Товар сертифицирован

Доставка до города : от 70 руб., уточнит оператор

Оплата: наличными/картой при выдаче

Резинки для фитнеса 5 шт. купить в Казановке

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From the beginning, the Tanimura Antle Families have been committed to sustainable social, economic, and environment practices in the production and distribution of premium quality, fresh produce. Our Hydroponic Greenhouse in Livingston, TN demonstrates our commitment to leading edge sustainable growing practices.

Hydroponic farming is a sustainable growing practice that uses natural energy and 90% less water than traditional farming methods.

Growing hydroponically is considered the most water conscious farming system. The lettuce floats on a raft with the lettuce’s roots suspended in pools of water.

Определяем размер

Nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and the temperature of the greenhouse are all controlled so that we can optimize the growth of the plants. Growing in a controlled environment also means less exposure to contamination, pests, and disease, requiring less herbicides and pesticides.

One acre used to grow our hydroponic lettuce equals approximately 50 conventional acres, requiring less land and natural resources. Our regionally grown and distributed Hydroponic Butter Lettuce provides a consistent, year-round, fresh product that is grown in custom-designed hydroponic greenhouses.

Read more about the growing process here.

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